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Dungi Sumi


Grants Awarded

2015 | Visual Arts | Japan

to support a one-month trip to research various models of community-building through art activities in Japan


Special Event / Taiwan

2017 米粑流濕地藝術季

七月 1, 2017 - 十月 31, 2017



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Grantee: Dungi Sumi

2017 Mipaliw Wetland Art Festival

七月 1, 2017 - 十月 31, 2017

After a month-long residency, 9 local and 2 international artists work with communities in Shitiping and Fuxing to create installations along Taiwan's East Coast in Fengbin Township.

In 2010, the Forestry Bureau started a wetland ecology preservation project in Fengbin to revive the contour rice paddies. The community in Fengbin collaborated with the Hualien Forest Bureau to rebuild the irrigation system. Water flowed into the rice paddies once again, and rice grew along the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

While the landscape and crops had been restored in Shitiping, the first sets of questions challenging the local people were how could they reclaim their social and cultural structure and value? To address this, the Mipaliw Wetland Art Festivals began in 2011. 

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