How To Apply

How to Apply

Please read the ACC Program, General Eligibility Guidelines and 2018 Grant Guidelines pages under "Our Program" before continuing. 

ACC accepts applications each fall (generally in September and October) for grants and fellowships to be awarded the following year. Applicants must submit their proposals online, using ACC's grant application platform. They may register for an account at any time, but will only be able to create/edit a submission during the open application period each fall.

Individual applicants will be asked to complete the following (in both Chinese and English):

  1. Eligibility Form: answer general questions about your proposal to make sure you are eligible to apply.
  2. Application Form: provide contact details, information about your background and qualifications, a project proposal, a project budget, and other related information.
  3. Headshot
  4. CV or Resume (optional but recommended)
  5. Work Samples (optional but recommended): Submit samples (up to 15 images, and/or up to 3 videos) of your past work, with brief descriptions of each.
  6. Letters of Recommendation (in English): Give the names and email addresses of two recommenders. Recommenders will receive instructions from ACC about how to submit their letters of recommendation online. Applicants are strongly advised to contact recommenders before they begin receiving automated communications from ACC.

To apply to ACC, visit our grant application platform and login or register for an account.