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ACC Taiwan Fellowship

what we fund

The  Asian Cultural Council (ACC) works to advance international respect and understanding between people and cultures through transformative cultural exchange. ACC awards fellowship grants to artists and scholars in three categories of cross-cultural exchange: Asia to the U.S., U.S. to Asia, and inter-Asia.  In partnership with the ACC, the Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Foundation (ACCTF) awards grants annually to Taiwanese artists, scholars, and cultural organizations for research or creative work in the United States and countries throughout Asia.
ACC accepts grant applications from individuals and organizations in a variety of fields. Past grantees include internationally recognized visual and performing artists, as well as scholars, art administrators, and more. From household names—like Lin Huai-Min, Liu Kuo-Sung, Yang Mu, Sheu Fang-Yi, and Fu Shen—to emerging young artists, ACCTF has funded more than 300 Taiwanese grantees to date.

For information on grant eligibility and application guidelines, visit How To Apply.

what we do

"support, personal as well as financial"-John D. Rockefeller III

Asian Cultural Council founder, John D. Rockefeller 3rd believed in offering a "direct, personal approach" to our Asian-American and inter-Asia grant exchanges. Built on this value, the ACC works with its grantees to arrange grant programs tailored specifically to their individual and professional needs. To facilitate grantee experience abroad, the ACC may assist with:  

• Travel itineraries
• Scheduling meetings
• Academic or research affiliations
• Advice on cultural resources and activities