Our 2018 application cycle is now open. Artists, scholars, and arts professionals are invited to submit proposals for travel and cultural exchange between Asia and the U.S., or between countries in Asia. Interested applicants should review the guidelines carefully, as there are temporary restrictions in place for 2018. The deadline for submissions is November 9, 2017 (11:59PM EST).

Temporary Restrictions for 2018 Awards

Since 1963, ACC has operated a cultural exchange program for individual artists, scholars, and arts professionals who wish to pursue specialized training not available in their home countries; find new creative inspiration through travel, research, and exploration; or pursue targeted research projects. By combining funding with mentoring and personal introductions, the ACC program builds relationships that deepen cross-cultural ties beyond the duration of the grant.

While the principles and framework of ACC’s program have remained constant, our grantmaking priorities have evolved over time in response to changing needs in the countries where we work. As we enter our 55th anniversary year in 2018, we will take time to evaluate our current priorities, consider contemporary urgencies, and respond to the recommendations and advice of our alumni and partners in the field.

In order to devote the necessary time to this work, we are instituting some temporary restrictions on applications for the 2018 cycle, as described in detail on our website. In brief, the total amount of funds given will be consistent with recent years, though the number of grants we make will be reduced. These restrictions are temporary and should not be interpreted as an intention to narrow ACC’s geographic focus going forward; ACC will continue to work with all the regions in our purview through other avenues and partnerships in 2018.

Our core values remain. We believe that travel and an immersive, lived experience in another culture can be transformative. We believe that the arts have a unique ability to communicate. We believe that individuals – through in-person collaboration and the exchange of ideas – can forge bonds that transcend difference. We look forward to hearing from our alumni and partners as we consider how to most effectively realize these values in our program.