Selected from over 700 applicants, the individual grantees and the organizational project participants are artists, scholars, and arts specialists pursuing study or research abroad. They hail from Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the U.S. Thirty-six grants are for Asia-to-U.S. travel; 25 are for U.S.-to-Asia travel; 3 are for intra-Asia travel; and 2 grants involve travel both within Asia and between Asia and the U.S.

Among the 2017 grant recipients are an American ethnomusicologist who will study the effects of violence on musical culture in Afghanistan; a Vietnamese artist who will research Vietnamese diasporic communities in Cambodia for a project examining migration, identity, and memory within the context of conflict between the two nations; a Taiwanese vocalist trained in Chinese opera who will explore jazz music in New York and New Orleans; a Japanese scholar who will observe how marginalized voices are represented in American theater; and a library manager from the Philippines who will study best practices in curating material culture as a means of public history. Three scholarships were given to Asian artists pursuing graduate degrees in the U.S. In addition to funding, grantees will receive extensive programmatic support, such as individualized recommendations, personal introductions to relevant contacts in the destination country, and access to ACC’s more than 3,000-member alumni network.

Of the individual grant recipients, 22 will participate in ACC’s New York fellowship program. With full support from ACC – from visa sponsorship and housing to customized program design – these fellows will reside in New York for up to six months, pursuing independent research projects, engaging with artists and cultural leaders, and exploring the city in search of new creative inspiration.

“International travel can be a transformative experience, and when that experience finds expression in the arts and humanities, its effect multiplies,” says Executive Director Miho Walsh. “ACC’s investment in cultural exchange is an investment in greater international understanding, and ultimately in our shared future. We are privileged to nurture this vision through the talents and creativity of our grantees, and we are delighted to welcome a new group of artists and scholars into ACC’s global community.”

ACC is excited to welcome its new grantees and are eager to welcome them to the ACC community.

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