ACC mourns the passing of one of the most respected cultural figures in Taiwan, Margaret Shiu, who passed away on August 30th, at the age of 75.

Margaret was an artist, art collector, and founder of the Bamboo Curtain Studio, a leading international cultural exchange platform in Taiwan. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Margaret made invaluable contributions to the arts and culture of Taiwan.

Not only did she play a key role in the shaping of ACC Taiwan as a Board member and later as a Group 33 donor, but she was also an important partner in both Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Bamboo Curtain Studio’s close relationship with ACC has included hosting grantees as artists-in-residence and connecting artists and art residency programs between Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Her legacy of bridging borders and fostering international understanding and respect across cultures are central pillars of ACC’s work.

Margaret's unwavering vision and the way she manifested her convictions will be remembered in the hearts of artists and supporters of the arts. From the seeds she planted through her support of emerging artists, we now enjoy a beautiful garden of exceptional artists nurtured through Bamboo Curtain and Margaret’s wise insight and counsel.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to her family and we are sure her bold spirit will live on through her friends, colleagues, partners, artists, and every one of us.

She will always be in our hearts.

Rita Chang
Director, ACC Taiwan