Perry Yung (musician, actor, shakuhachi craftsman) received an ACC Fellowship in 2014 to study shakuhachi (traditional bamboo flute) with master Kinya Sogawa and research antique shakuhachi flutes. He met with shakuhachi historians, craftsmen, and musicians in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Ibaraki, as well as researched the music of Komuso monks, known for their meditative shakuhachi practice of suizen. Following his fellowship, he wrote: “I feel a deeper connection culturally and artistically. I am more aware of the distinctions and nuances in the older music and how Buddhist and zen philosophies play out in their forms.” In this meditation on family and loss, the feeling of connection continues.

This video meditation was made on April 1st. The day after my great Uncle Philip succumbed to COVID-19. In these times, I feel more connected to my art practice than ever before. I shared this video with his son Edward later that day. He said it made him calmer.

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