Arts, Architecture, and Society

Speaker: Kohei Nawa (Artist)
Moderator: Hiroaki Miyata (IHJ Board Member/Professor, Keio University)
Release Date: March 3, 2022

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Kohei Nawa

Kohei Nawa (ACC 2004) is a multidisciplinary artist trained in sculpture. His works often explore the boundary of sight and the senses, and the perception of virtual and physical space by using a singular material or texture. His internationally acclaimed PixCell series illustrates the relationship between the individual and the whole, with layers of glass beads creating complex, light-filled structures, like cells in the natural or pixels in the digital world. In 2018, he created Throne, a monumental sculpture installation at the Louvre Pyramid in Paris. He has participated in numerous international art biennales, solo and group exhibitions, and art fairs as one of the most important Japanese contemporary artists.  

Kohei Nawa received an ACC Fellowship in 2004 to observe contemporary art, create new work, and meet with artists and curators in the United States. 


Hiroaki Miyata 

Hiroaki Miyata is a Professor at Keio University and Board Member of International House of Japan. Specializing in data science and healthcare policies, he has been involved in the development of various health-related projects including the National Clinical Database, a clinical registry database involving 5,000 hospitals all over Japan, and more recently, nationwide COVID-related Line surveys led by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. He also works with the World Economic Forum and the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) to create a new social vision, and is a Thematic Project Producer of World Expo 2025.