"40 Years of Chinese Photography" is curated by Lao Zhu, professor, critic, and art history scholar. Lao features 40 select photographers in creating a larger picture of reflecting on the changes in history and ideas of China over time. Xing Danwen's (ACC 1998) "Urban Fiction" are on view in this exhibition. 

Xing Danwen was born in Xi'an, China and currently works and resides in Beijing. She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a BFA in 1992 and received her first ACC grant to continue photography studies at the School of Visual Arts, New York completing a MFA in 2001. 

Xing's work has been widely included in international publications, major institutions, and biennials/triennials around the world, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Yokohama Triennale, and the Red Brick Art Museum. She was nominated for the AAC Art China Artist of the Year award in 2018 and was listed in the top 10 Asian Women Artists by Japan's Harper's Bazaar. 

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