As they face the end of their prime years and bid farewell to the insolence of youth, a group of rebellious souls struggle to survive in face of reality. Night has fallen and these men and women find themselves facing their own demons. Rhythmic music reverberates and seven dancers move with desperation, letting lose their primitive emotions; Dance Me to the End of Night is the ultimate gesture of youthful rebellion, a struggle against an absurd generation. We seem to have changed the world in some way, yet everything also seems to remain completely unchanged…

The 2021 Hong Kong Arts Festival video version of The Formidable Year gave Mao Wei a taste of boundary-breaking creativity; the subsequent live performance on stage in Macau was described as “confronting and brutally beautiful”. Having reflected on his experiences during the past year, Mao Wei continues this creative journey in a collaboration with Chan Tai-yin as dramaturge. Following the narrative structure of The Formidable Year, this new production with a newly created set, lighting, music and costume design speaks of the resilience and vulnerability of young people in their “formidable year”.

Mao Wei first studied Chinese dance before immersing himself in contemporary dance. Incorporating the latter with traditional Chinese dance, he searches for his own expression of style and form. Chan Tai-yin, who graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, specialises in conjuring contemporary theatre with improvisation. This is their first collaboration and promises to bring to the audience an exciting meeting of expressions through dance and theatre.

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