Thursday, November 2, 2023 from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join Triangle Arts Organization (ACC Current Fellow) for Fall Open Studios, featuring current artists in residence: Paribartana Mohanty, Sari Palosaari and Yolanda Ceballos.

Due to new building access protocols all visitors will need to check-in at entrance for access to the building. Masking will be required. If you have any questions or concerns please email 

About the Artists
Paribartana Mohanty is a multimedia artist, working with video, storytelling, writing and painting. His recent work explores new environmental disaster-landscapes emerging near the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Odisha, India. The work studies the deep impacts of recurring cyclones, tsunamis and land erosion on marginal communities, nature and culture. Mohanty’s interest and research is in examining how algorithmic networks, digitalization, data mining, access and surveillance are shaping public perception about ‘natural’ calamity, and how new government policies are changing the rural landscapes in Odisha. Mohanty’s residency is made possible in part with a grant from the Asian Cultural Council to advance international understanding through cultural exchange in the arts.

Sari Palosaari’s work centers on the interplay of space, time, matter and transformative forces. The materials that she reassembles in her sculptural installations are susceptible to the passage of time in inherent, intricate ways. To trigger motion in the structures that are hardened by history, she explores cracks and tentative, loose connections. Influenced by the subarctic context of her environment, her site-responsive practice, grounded in material sensitivity, aspires to foster long-term planetary thinking. She works in a continuous process, moving from one installation to the next, collecting an expanding repository of found and constructed natural and cultural objects. Palosaari’s residency occurs in partnership with the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Yolanda Ceballos is a multidisciplinary artist working and living in between places. She works with materials that change over time, such as concrete, water, scent, memory, and her own body. Her work is a document that intersects architecture, science, and philosophy. It reflects on the cyclical and repetitive nature of existence and the exploration of the unconscious mind.