Hosted at 100 Tonson Foundation in Thailand, Savinee Buranasilapin's (ACC 2017) Field Collapse is a site for contemplating the tensions between art and architecture, design and making, object and space. A dense thicket of steel bars and plywood braces occupies most of the gallery’s volume. Subtracted passageways allow visitors to experience the grid from within. 

Perception oscillates between understanding the piece as a free-standing sculpture and an interior. Occupants become actors, enlisted in the work’s performance, providing each other with visual cues of depth and scale to understand an optically ambiguous field of overlapping lines.

The work borrows materials and spatial qualities not from finished architecture, but from the ephemeral
aesthetics of construction sites. It evokes barely-there scaffolds that fill future voids, and cages of reinforcing bars soon to be entombed in concrete. It suggests spaces and masses that haven’t yet found form. Greasy, rusty, dusty unfinished surfaces, marked by hands and machines, stand aloof from the gallery’s white walls.


Exhibition Dates:

Nov. 26, 2022 - May 28, 2023

There will be activities and public programs throughout this 6-month project.


Visit here to learn more about the installation.