First love, lost love, true love, forbidden love, unrequited love, a lifelong commitment, a pastime fling, a secret affair… We are innately enamoured with love and the countless forms that it takes. But what is “loveless love”? A new progressive trend, a philosophical conundrum, or an impossible oxymoron?

Following his 2017 play Forever SilenceLoveless Romance is the second instalment of playwright and director Cheung Tat-ming’s “Separation Trilogy”. Faced with the harsh realities of loneliness and ageing, Mong-yu and Ho-tin, two middle-aged friends, make a pragmatic arrangement to partner up for a loveless and open relationship for the sake of security and companionship. But just as they are starting to enjoy their shared life as two individuals, a devastating piece of news strikes like a bolt from the blue, followed by another shocking revelation. As death inches closer, the two are forced to rethink the meaning of life, love and togetherness.

Featuring award-winning stage and screen veteran Wang Wei, seasoned actresses Annie Cheung and Kate Yeung, this deeply moving “anti-romance” explores the constant push and pull between love and loveless, hope and hopeless. In a world shadowed by the threat of isolation, failed marriage, mental illness and the burden of singlehood have become increasingly common experiences, and in many ways Mong-yu and Ho-tin’s unconventional agreement is a sign of our times. Despite its heart-wrenching moments, Loveless Romance is not a tragedy, but a thoughtful contemplation on death and loss, longing and belonging. In the end, what will they hold onto and what will they choose to give up? Only love will tell.


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