Elico Suzuki (suzueri) (Current Fellow) is a Tokyo based sound and visual artist. She performs circuitous and restless performances using pianos combined with self-made intruments. Her recent interests have centred on the exploration of the gaps and narrative aspects between the interaction of instruments and particular embodiment. She is releasing an album in 2023 and is involved in several collaborations with nine members from nine countries. 

Join suzueri on the third leg of the tour and witness the beautiful harmony of this collaboration with Bonnie Jones.

Doors: 7:30pm Performance begins promptly at 8pm
Admission: $15 / $10 for members and students (suggested donation) Buy advanced tickets here

Elico Suzuki (suzueri) is engaging on a short tour in three different cities: Washington D.C, Detroit, and Boston, which will run from the end of May to early June. Learn more about her work and tour here