April 27, 2024 at 3:30PM

Current ACC Fellow Maria Christine MUYCO will be presenting her song cycles. The program includes Voices Lost in Industrial Winds with Nicole Eliev (soprano) and Yuk Shing Tang (pianist); and Ohoy with Titus Levi (baritone) and Amber Liao (pianist). These songs have lyrics from the indigenous peoples that Muyco collaborated with (Jesus Insilada, Perla Supetran, Feliza Castor, Jocelyn Evangelyo, Master Sangkram, Kaying Lor, and Bidayuh Wynner) during her fieldwork in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. In the songs, these people tell about encroachments of various forces in their communities, while they reflect on ways to constructively survive. 

Concert is FREE and Open to the public. 

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