University of Washington


to support the participation of scholars Ma Erzi and Bamo Qubumo from China in an exhibition of Nuosu arts at the university's Burke Museum in spring 2000

To enable Indonesian musician Burham Sukarma to serve as visiting lecturer in the School of Music during the 1986-87 academic year

to enable Dr. Dao Duy Anh, dan abo and dan tranh performer, Saigon, Vietnam, and T'ao Chu-Shen, ch'in and hsiao performer, Taipei, Republic of China, to serve as a visiting artists-in-residence at the School of Music, University of Washington, during the 1975-76 academic year.

to provide for the duplication and shipment to the National Classical Music Institute, Seoul, Korea, of tape recordings of performances by members of the institute produced by Robert Garfias, associate professor of music and anthropology, University of Washington, in the Philippines-Korea Music Archives Project.

to enable T. Brinda, voice and vina teacher, Karnatic College of Music, Madras, India, to travel with an accompanist to Seattle to serve as an artist-in-residence.

To enable Robert Garfias, assistant professor of music, University of Washington, to direct a project to record and film the traditional music and dance of Korea and the Philippines and to establish archives in Korea, in the Philippines, and at the University of Washington

To enable the following architecture students from the United States to participate in a seminar in Japan on environmental design, summer 1965, under the direction of Eiji Itoh, research associate, University of Tokyo, and Philip Thiel, associate professor, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Washington: Thomas Bender, Christopher Chadbourne, Eric Doepke, Ann Esch, Ronald Fleming, Thomas Moran, Roger Pool, James Stanek, Edward Tower

to provide for the production of The Monkey and the Fox: Kyogen in America, a film of the Nomura troupe of Kyogen actors on tour in the United States.