Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation and RW Work Ltd.


to support the participation of Uyghur musician Perhat Khaliq in a four-week residency with visual artist Lisa Ross

to support the participation of artists from Indonesia in a residency program at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center in June 2013 to develop “R.I.T.E: A Rising in the East”, an opera based on the epic conflict between the Balinese and the Dutch in early 20th Century Bali

to support the participation of Indonesian visual artist Agus Suwage in a three-week residency at The Watermill Center in June 2014.

support participation of performer Mohammad "Illenk" Gentille and director Rama Soeprapat from Indonesia and visual artist Aniwar Mamat from China in the summer 2004 International Summer Program at Watermill Center

to support the participation of Balinese music artist Sudharsana in a music and theater workshop to be held under the direction of Robert Wilson at the Watermill Center in summer 1996.