Chinese University of Hong Kong


To support thearts management workshops being presented at the University in October 2007 by American arts specialist Martin Vinik

to enable American architectural photographer Elizabeth Gill Lui to serve as artist-in-residence in the departmenht for four months in spring 2006

to enable American historian Wen Fong to present a lecture series at the university and associated lectures at Peking University and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in spring 2004

Three-month residency by American artist Nancy Wolf at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in spring 2004

support for 3 American artists to participate in January 2000 "Cultural and Humanity in the New Millenium

Support the participation of playwrites Joanna Chen and William Sun in the International Symposium on Contemporary Paywriting in the Chinese Language, held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in December, 1993.

to provide for the purchase and shipment of books, journals, research materials, slides, and equipment for the establishment of a library and photographic archive in connection with the development of a graduate program in Chinese art history.