ACC’s offices are supported by local patrons with their unique activities. The first feature article introduces the activities of Group 33, a group of art patrons in Taiwan.


ACC Taiwan 25th Anniversary Celebration in August 2020 with ACC Taiwan Board and Group 33.

ACC Taiwan’s patron group, Group 33, is a united force of three art patron groups located across Taiwan, founded upon friendship and love for ACC and grantees in Taipei City in 2000. The two other branches, Group 33 South (Tainan City) and Group 33 Central (Taichung City) were initiated later in 2008 and 2011. There are 40 members per branch currently, and it has accumulated a total of 120 members.

Group 33’s motto is “free spirit, flexibility, and respect.” They not only sponsor ACC Taiwan’s fellowship and programs, but also become great sources of support when grantees are in need; for example, donating instruments to a grantee's troupe or hosting grantee studio visits for in depth understanding of their works. Through various support activities, they strengthen the bonds of the Group 33 family. With the rise of a new generation of avid art lovers, ACC Taiwan office founded Young Group 33 in August 2021. 

Image: The first members of Group 33 when it was founded in 2000. From left: Shu-Ling Tsai,Cecile Shah, Rita Chang (ACC Taiwan Director),  Paolin Hsu, Ru Rong Liu

Member's Voice

Cecile Shah (Founding President of Group 33)
“To me, Group 33 is a place of personal growth and love for the  grantees. I started to participate in ACC 25 years ago with my mom,  and I later founded Group 33 with fellow members because we wanted to gather more resources for our grantees. As a long time ACC friend, I am blessed to be able to see our grantees prosper, not only so, my friends and I bonded through our love and support for ACC.” 
Three generations of Group 33 members (from left: Marie H. Shah, Cecile Shah, and Ellen Cui)

Paolin Hsu (Founding member of Group 33 & board member of ACC Taiwan) 
“I wasn't an art expert when I started Group 33, but I am thankful my passion and understanding of art and culture grew with my fellow members and grantees. I believe Group 33 succeeded based on flexibility and respect for our members. There is no pressure, no rules (besides donating on time). We bonded through nothing else but art.” 


Mr. Y.C HO (Long-time member)
“Group 33 is a well of art knowledge and personal growth."



Group 33 Activities

Left: Group 33 South's two-day trip to Taitung in November 2019 organized by ACC Taiwan office. The trip was to celebrate the inaugural year of the Taiwan Southeast Asia Program (TSAP). They visited Rahic Talif (ACC 2000, 2020) who is a leading Taiwanese aboriginal artist and key player within his field. 

Middle: Due to the COVID lockdown, Group 33 hosted an online celebration (July 2021) for grantees, YEH Ming-Hwa (ACC 2016) and CHEN Wu-Kang (ACC 2013) for winning the 19th Taishin Arts Grand Prize Award and Performing Arts Award, respectively. Taishin is one of the most prestigious art awards in Taiwan.

Right: ACC Taiwan and ACC Japan exchange luncheon held at the International House of Japan (Roppongi, Tokyo) in November 2019.


This article is reprinted from ACC Japan Tsushin, Vol.2, September 2021. 
Page 6. ACC Supporters around the World: Group 33.
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