Congratulations to the new grantees and wish them all a very promising future with the grant support from ACC!


1.VT Art Salon (Curation) - A platform for the exchange and integration of art space and resources across Taiwan  


A 2-month exchange between curators from Taiwan and Singapore and artists in Okinawa for the second phase of Island Hopping—Reversing Imperialism



2.Absolute Space for the Arts(Visual Art) - Complex gallery

Project Grant to enable the artists collective to visit Lostgens Contemporary Art Space in Kuala Lumpur for two weeks as second phase of a reciprocal exchange program





3.Hsin Yi & Hsin Yueh Chiu(music) - Students, National Taichung University of Science and Technology


A 2-month Individual Fellowship to study shamisen and Satsuma Biwa technique in Japan


4.Huang-Sheng Su (Independent Art) - Independent Artists

 A 5-month Individual Fellowship to investigate contemporary art practice and ink art collections in the U.S. to gain perspective on the position of traditional Chinese ink art in the 21st century.



5.Ray Tseng (Lighting Design) - Independent Lighting Designer


A 6-month New York Fellowship to observe trends in lighting design in New York City and develop new visual and conceptual approaches

【Of Any If And】

   Copy right: TNUA dance school

   Choreographer: Lee Warren


6.Wen Yi Wang Director (Theater) - Director In The Rhapsody Studio

A 4-month Individual Fellowship to explore the philosophical, strategic, and managerial aspects of arts and educational institutions bridging the humanities and technology in the U.S.



7.Chien-Wei Wu (dance) - Artistic Director, Tussock Dance,Graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts

A 6-month New York Fellowship to explore the contemporary dance scene of New York City and its development in reference to the other art forms