Celebrating design’s ability to offer powerful insights into the key issues of our age, The Museum of Modern Art will present Broken Nature in its street-level galleries.

The exhibition will highlight the concept of “restorative design” and present objects and concepts that offer diverse strategies in the effort to help humans repair their relationship to the environments that they share—with other humans and with other species.

A collaboration with the Triennale di Milano, Broken Nature was originally organized in 2019 as the main exhibition of the XXII Triennale, with a curatorial team composed of Paola Antonelli, Ala Tannir, Laura Maeran, and Erica Petrillo. Featuring approximately 45 works—some of them new acquisitions in the Museum’s collection and others loans—drawn from the more than 100 in the Milan installation, the MoMA chapter of Broken Nature will explore the complex, interconnected systems humans inhabit, and the reparative roles design plays within these systems.

Image: AKI INOMATA “Think Evolution #1 : Kiku-ishi (Ammonite)” to be shown at the exhibition.