If you want to dance, you can be a star of the show.
If you choose to watch, you will experience an unforgettable experience of human motion.
Are you ready to take your First Steps?

Leading the way in France at the crossroads between immersive technology and live arts, Tamanoir Immersive Studio has innovated a new way to create dance with First Steps, along with a new way for audiences to experience such performances.

You have a choice: you can choose to immerse yourself in the experience as a performer, or you can enjoy the show from your seat as a spectator and watch the spontaneous choreography unfold in front of you, performed by your fellow audience members.

If you want to join the dancers in this spontaneous choreography guided by audio cues over a headset, you will star in the show. And if you choose to stay in your seat, you are in for an unforgettable experience revolving around presence, courage and vulnerability performed by both regular people and professional dancers on stage.

After years of isolation, it is time to take our “first steps” and reconnect. And First Steps—created and developed specifically for Hong Kong by Tamanoir in collaboration with local artists—provides an opportunity for us all to start reconnecting with each other, and explore the beauty of uncharted paths, and the emotions and memories involved with these changes in our life.


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