June 28 – August 17, 2024

Pace is pleased to present Form at Now and Later 形而の而今而後, an exhibition of work by Kenjiro OKAZAKI (ACC 1985) at its Seoul gallery.

On view from June 28 to August 17, this presentation will bring together new and recent paintings and sculptures by the Japanese artist. This exhibition, which marks Okazaki’s first solo show in Korea, will focus on his investigations into time, space, and perception through a language of abstraction.

A celebrated artist and critic, Okazaki’s work spans painting, sculpture, performance, architecture, landscape design, robotics, and other media. He uses these seemingly disparate modes of making collectively to explore the ways that time and space can be reshaped and reconstructed through our unique cognitive experiences of the world around us. Often imbued with art historical and philosophical references, his work examines the collapse of history, memory, and form in the present moment. Through his art, and particularly in his paintings, Okazaki recreates the vast, echoing continuum of time, space, and existence, uncovering connections and mysteries from deep within our universe that inflect the current moment.

The works included in Form at Now and Later 形而の而今而後 at Pace in Seoul underscore the artist’s increasingly philosophical approach to form and abstraction. In a selection of small-scale paintings from his series Zero Thumbnails— which stem from his experiments with diptych compositions in the 1990s—abstractions seem to extend beyond compact picture plane, with color and form becoming autonomous entities in the exhibition space.

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