Set in Hong Kong in the turbulent 1960s, Shakespeare’s timeless tale of star-crossed lovers is given a fresh and thought-provoking retelling in Septime Webre’s new Romeo + Juliet, featuring Hong Kong Ballet where Heidi Lee (ACC 2012) serves as Executive Director. Juliet’s father is an unrelenting Shanghainese tycoon who is determined to marry his only daughter off to a wealthy gweilo (Caucasian), and Webre’s original choreography seamlessly incorporates intense street battles rendered in traditional Hong Kong-style kung fu. Accompanied by Prokofiev’s dramatic score, retro Hong Kong is vividly brought to life in the epic love story’s captivating dancing, complex drama and sumptuous cheongsams. 

Performance Dates:

Friday Jan. 13, 2023 @ 8pm

Saturday Jan. 14, 2023 @ 2pm

2 hours 15 minutes with intermission.


For inquiries, email Tickets start at $35. Visit here for updates and more information.