Trio Getsuro are a group consisting of Ralph Samuelson (who plays the shakuhachi, a vertical bamboo flute), Elizabeth Brown (shakuhachi), and Issui Minegishi (who plays the ichigenkin, a one-string koto).

In June 2022, Trio Getsuro had the privilege of performing in the magnificent setting of Innisfree Garden, a public nonprofit garden in Millbrook, New York. The natural beauty and quiet sounds of the garden melded so seamlessly with the tonal quality of our instruments that some audience members were brought to tears.

The graceful rocks, plants, streams, and waterfalls of this beautiful garden were the inspiration for our new CD. This concert, titled "Music from Garden ~one breath, one note 2022~" celebrates the release of this new CD. The three musicians from New York and Tokyo have formed a trio that has been touring since 2014 under the concept of exploring the world within a single note, and this year they have named the trio "Trio Getsuro." Getsuro refers to the moon and the dew, or the dew reflecting the light of the moon, and vice versa, which is nature.

Performance Time:
Dec. 12, 2022 @ 7:00pm


Ticket Prices: 4000 yen in advance, 4500 yen at the door, 2500 yen for students
Online Reservation:

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