The experimental performance Remembering the Red Chamber examines the complexity of human psychology through a contemporary exploration of Cantonese opera gestures and the character of Lin Daiyu, the heroine of the classic Chinese novel The Dream of the Red Chamber.

Set in an unspecified time in the future, the performance examines how Lin’s psychological states are expressed through costume, stylised water sleeve gestures and movement in a traditional xiqu performance. Remembering the Red Chamber is performed by xiqu trained actors Hong Wah and Li Pui-yan in collaboration with director and cross-disciplinary artist Enoch Cheng, and supported with elements of digital technology, motion capture, animation and 3D printing.

Remembering the Red Chamber is presented as part of SerendiCity – a media arts festival showcasing new perspectives on art, urban environments, people and technology.


Free admission. Advance registration required. Limited capacity on a first come, first served basis.