On Friday, November 20 (9AM EDT / 3PM CEST / 10PM TPE), ACC Taipei's bilingual inDialogue on theatrical translation across cultures was moderated by Director Pao-Chang Tsai (ACC 2011, 2018), with Director Michael Leibenluft, Translator Jeremy Tiang, and Actress Wei-Yi Lin.

These four theatermakers came together in conversation around how they create performances across disparate cultural and linguistic spaces. The artists shared how the process of “translation” is an ever-evolving and collaborative one: it can lie in the translation of a word, the movement of an actor, or the staging of a scene. With video clips and photographs from past collaborations, the four artists provided case studies on the artistry of balancing the gaps between a play’s creators and audience in different cultural contexts.


Pao-Chang Tsai (ACC 2011, 2018)
A well-rounded theatrical star of his generation, Pao-Chang Tsai is known for playwriting, directing and acting. He served as the co-artistic director at Tainaner Ensemble between 2009-2018, one of the most well-established theater companies in Taiwan. For more, visit: https://paochang.wixsite.com/paochangtsai.


Michael Leibenluft, an Obie Award winning theater and film director, is the Artistic Director of Gung Ho Projects, a platform for cultural exchange and performance in the United States and Asia. For more, visit: gunghoprojects.com and leibenluft.com.



Jeremy Tiang is a novelist, playwright and translator from Singapore, currently based in New York City. He has translated plays by Wei Yu-Chia, Pao-Chang Tsai, Chen Si’an and others.  For more, visit: www.JeremyTiang.com.



Based in both New York City and Taipei, Wei-Yi Lin has traveled the world for her professional acting career. Learn more about Wei-Yi at: weiyilin.com.