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ACC Talk #6: Jessica Grindstaff

Special Event / Japan
April 7, 2018
Studio S, Morishita Studio
3-5-6 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Jessica Grindstaff, a New York City-based artist who is currently on her ACC fellowship in Japan, will give a talk about her work and her fellowship experience. There will also be a developmental concepts showing of her upcoming theatre piece “FALLING OUT” as well.

Ms. Grindstaff is a co-founder and artistic director of Phantom Limb Company, which focuses on collaborative, multi-media theatrical productions based on puppetry. She has been on her fellowship since February conducting research on Bunraku and Butoh, and will visit the Fukushima region in order to capture visual, aural, and personal stories, which will inform “FALLING OUT”, a multi-disciplinary theatrical event exploring humanity’s relationship to water and climate change focused on Fukushima, Japan premiering at BAM in November 2018.

Grantee: Jessica Grindstaff