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Globus Washitsu “Tatami Recital”

Performance / United States
August 9, 2016
7:00 PM Globus Washitsu
889 Broadway, New York City

Globus Washitsu “Tatami Recital” features ACC grantee Hidejiro Honjo (Keigo) with Thomas Piercy on the Hichiriki, clarinet; Elizabeth Brown playing the shakuhachi; Chatori Shimizu on the sho; and Jun Ando on the koto. The traditional music instruments of Japan are handcrafted from organic materials such as bamboo, paulownia wood, silk, and lacquer. They are particularly sensitive to their surroundings and were intended for performances in temples, homes, and other intimate spaces constructed of woods, grasses, and earth. This series aims to capture the innate beauty of these instruments and their music in their natural environment.

Grantee: Keigo Ayusawa