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Performance / United Kingdom
June 30, 2017
University of Hull
HU6 7RX Kingston upon Hull

Sound artist and ACC grantee TERESA BARROZO invites friends in the UK to visit, listen, and experience her very first sound installation “THIS TOO SHALL PAST” for the SOUND + ENVIRONMENT 2017 conference and festival.  A contemplation on the concept of ephemerality experienced through framed sounds in a performance structure, the event opens on June 30 (Fri), 1-6pm, at the Duality Studio Live Floor University of Hull, United Kingdom as part of the Sound + Environment 2017 Art | Science | Listening | Collaboration. Teresa received her grant in 2014 to observe and research current practices, processes, innovations, and philosophies in music and sound art in the United States.

Grantee: Teresa Barrozo