Center for United States-China Arts Exchange


to support the participation of scholars from Asia in the Center's Conservancy Leadership Conference in Yunnan Province in September 1999

Provide support for three arts specialist from Southeast Asia to travel to China in connection with the Center for U.S.-China Arts Exchange's Yunnan Nationalitises Cultures Project.

to support a conference of composers from Taiwan and China held in New York in August 1988

to enable film director Tianming Wu, head of the Xian Film Studio in China, to visit New York in December 1987.

to provide supplementary grant assistance for a study of arts exchange programs undertaken between China and the United States since 1949

Conduct a study, under the direction of Michelle Vosper, of cultural exchange activities between China and the United States.

Enable Jingjing Luo and Wenguang Wu, Conservatory of Chinese Music, Beijing, to survey Western methods of preserving and documenting traditional music forms and to visit American music schools and research facilities in 1983.

Enable Dorothy DeLay, Violin teacher, The Julliard School, New York, to audition violinists and to give master classes, lectures, and demonstrations in China in August 1981.

Provide support for a concert of music by contemporary Chinese composers presented by the Group for Contemporary Music at Symphony Space, New York, in December 1981.