Freer Gallery of Art


to enable conservation scientist Janet Douglas from the Gallery's staff to undertake research on jades in Xi'an, China, with Dr. Yang Junchang of the Shaanxi Archaeological Institute

to provide support for the publication of Volume XI of Aris Orientalis devoted to the conservation of works of art and archaeological materials from Asia

to provide support for the following Asian scholars to attend a Symposium on Chinese Figure Painting at the Freer Gallery of Art, September 1973: From Japan: Terukazu Akiyama, Center for Cultural Exchange, Tokyo University; Hironobu Kohara, Nara Women's College; Takeyoshi Tsuruta, Osaka Municipal Art Museum. From the Republic of China: Stanley Chang, National Palace Museum Taipei; Chao Shen Chiang, National Palace Museum, Taipei; Shen Fu, National Palace Museum, Taipei; Lin Ts'an Li, National Palace Museum, Taipei; Ch'eng She, National Palace Museum Taipei; Ling Yun Shih, National Palace Museum Taipei.

to enable the following specialists to participate in a meeting at the Freer Gallery of Art to formulate a proposal for a bronze conservation project in Thailand: Virginia Greene, the University Museum, the University of Pennsylvania; Henry Hodges, Institute of Archaeology, University of London; Piriya Krairiksh, Harvard University; W. Dale Richey, Chatham College, Pittsburgh; Hiram W. Woodward, Jr., the University of Michigan.