Walker Art Center


to enable a site visit and the participation of Lee Kit in an exhibition program in May 2016.

enable curator Philippe Vergne to undertake research in Japan for the exhibition "Let's Entertain"

Support for participation of Filipino filmmaker Nick Deocampo in March 1997 exhibition program at the Walker. Art Center

to participate in the Japan-U.S. Museum Professionals Museum Exchange Program

to provide support for the final preparatory expenses incurred in connection with the exhibition "Tokyo: Form and Spirit," held at the Walker Art Center in spring 1986

Support the production of materials related to the planning of the exhibition "Tokyo: Form and Spirit," scheduled to open at the Walker Art Center in March 1986; and to enable Riichi Miyake, architect and designer, Tokyo, to visit the United States in January 1985 in connection with the organization of the exhibition.

"Tokyo: Form and Spirit"

Enable Martin Friedman, Mildred Friedman, and Robert Stearns of the Walker Art Center to conduct research in Japan in 1983 in connection with an exhibition of contemporary Japanese art and design organized in collaboration with the Japan Society, New York.