Wesleyan University


participate in the Oriental Musicology society meetings and the 70th anniversary ceremonies at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in Novvember 1997

Support the participation of filmaker Kitlak Tahimik and video artist Anna de Leon from the Phillippines in the conference "After the Empire: The Impact of Colonialism and Imperialism on Culture," held at Wesleyan in February in 1990.

to enable the following Asians to serve as artists-in-residence: Hiroka Abiru, Japan; Kodo Araki, Japan; Ram Das Chakravarty, India; M. A. Kalyanakrishna, India; Tadasuke Kawase, Japan; Momoyo Kishibe, Japan; Prawotosaputro, Indonesia; Ramnad V. Raghavan, India; S. Ramanathan, India; Sharida Sahai, India; Robertus B. Soedarsono, Indonesia; Theresia Suharti, Indonesia; Benedictus Suharto, Indonesia; Eiko Tanaka, Japan; Naoaki Yamato, Japan.