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Genevieve Oswald

Visit China at the invitation of the All China Dance Association in order to discuss current developments in Western dance and to review present plans in China for the creation of a national dance library in summer 1983.

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Elizabeth Johnson

to conduct dissertation research in the Republic of China and Japan on Shang and Early Western Chou ritual art in connection with a program leading to the Ph.D. degree at NYU.

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Dimon Liu

to visit the People's Republic of China as a member of the China Study Group on Environmental issues in order to survey architectural sites, urban planning proccedures, and related developments in architecture.

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National Architectural Accrediting Board

to enable James J. Foley, president, to survey current architectural activities in the People's Republic of China as a member of a delegation organized by the American Institute of Architects and to meet with architects and educators in Asia to discuss the establishment of an international program of architectural accreditation.

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National Guild of Community Music Schools, Illinois

to enable Edgar Schenkman, conductor, Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Richmond, Virginia, to advise the Western music section of the School of Dramatic Arts, Fine Arts Department, Bangkok

to enable O. Jerol Clark, oboist, and James D. Hough, Jr., bassoonist, to teach and perform at conservatories, universities, and schools in Seoul and Taipei

To enable the following American musicians to serve as teaching fellows with the Manila Symphony Orchestra, the Philippines: Gary T. Hickling, Edward A. Laut, Wilbur L. Moreland, Robert Stewart, Donald Thompson, Billy E. Watt, C. G. Wilson, Thomas Woodhams

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