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ACC Hong Kong provides artists, scholars, and arts professionals opportunities for transformative, educational, and cultural exchange between Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and the United States and the rest of Asia. Since 1963, we have supported more than 600 exchanges of dynamic individuals across the region. We are also a resource for ACC grantees and alumni traveling to the region, a convener of the arts community, and are supported by the fundraising efforts of local donors, foundations, and events.

In 1986 ACC Hong Kong's fellowship program was established through the leadership of J.S. Lee and Kenneth H.C Fung, who became the first Chairmen of the ACC Hong Kong Friends’ Committee - a dedicated group of friends who were passionate about developing artistic and cultural talents locally and in Mainland China.  In 2003, Hans Michael Jebsen succeeded Mr. Fung as Chairman, with Lady Ivy Wu and Marissa Fung Shaw as Co-Chairs.

2015 marked the year ACC Hong Kong evolved to meet the changing requirements of artists and the cultural landscape of today.  New emphasis on regional exchange, as well as Hong Kong and Mainland China exchange programs have increased, while the long-standing China US exchange remain an integral part of the programs.  The Asian Cultural Council (HK) Foundation Limited (ACCHKF) was established as a formally registered nonprofit in Hong Kong. ACCHKF is listed as a charity in Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, supporting educational programs with a focus on cultural exchange.  The inaugural board of Directors was Hans Michael Jebsen (Chairman), Wendy O’Neill, Marissa Fung Shaw, Miho Walsh and John Witt. ACCHK continues to be supported by a generous group of local donors.  2015 also marked the establishment of the ACC Hong Kong Patrons’ Circle led by founding members Marissa Fung Shaw, Jean Ho, Tasha Lalvani, Janet Nathanail, and Anne Witt.

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