ACC is proud to announce our newest board member: Susan Rockefeller, award-winning documentary filmmaker, artist, and conservationist. We are continuously inspired by her unwavering support towards the international arts community.

My name is Susan Rockefeller, I am the newest member of the ACC Board. I am so proud to be a part of this incredible ecosystem of artists and philanthropists and supporters of the arts globally, and in this time of COVID-19 crisis, it is also an incredible wake up call for all of us to support the arts. 6,000 grantees working together, let’s work to leverage the passion and beauty of your work.

While Susan is new to the ACC Board, she is a longstanding member of the ACC Family. Over the past decade, she and husband, fellow ACC Trustee David Rockefeller, Jr., have traveled throughout Asia meeting ACC grantees and alumni. “It’s been an incredible journey,” Susan said at a panel on philanthropy and the arts in early March, “to learn about the support ACC has allowed for cultural exchange. And given what is happening in our world, we need to build bridges and not silo nor protect in terms of nationalism or xenophobia.”

“Art can play an inspirational role in elevating consciousness about ideas that are so important right now…people talk about “artivism,” or artists as activists…They look at science and art, at the zeitgeist of what’s happening, and express it.”

We have seen this in videos of artists across all disciplines around the world, sparking dialogue  around critical issues fueled by crisis and creating platforms for connection necessitated by isolation. Artists continue to lend our global community strength, inspiration, introspection, and hope. They are essential connectors in our present divide. And all of us? We are essential in ensuring their future.