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A Conversation with Teresa Barrozo

Teresa BARROZO (ACC 2014) is a sound artist, composer, and curious listener. We spoke with Barrozo to discuss how her ACC grant experiences impacted her work and practice then and now.

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ACC Announces Chairman: Josie Cruz Natori

We are pleased to announce that Josie Cruz Natori was elected Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Asian Cultural Council at our May Board meeting.

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ACCNY Announces 2022 Grantees and Fellows

The Asian Cultural Council is proud to announce our latest group of 2022 fellowships and grants in support of programs and projects connecting artists, scholars, and arts professionals across Asia and the United States. ACC’s longstanding mission of furthering cultural exchange...

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ACC’s New Director of Programs: Lyn Hsieh

The Asian Cultural Council is delighted to welcome Lyn Hsieh as ACC’s new Director of Programs...

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ACC Announces Retirement of Cecily D. Cook

After 27 years with the Asian Cultural Council, Cecily D. Cook will be retiring at the end of December 2021...

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Finding Humanity in History: Museum Programming in Southeast Asia

Sofia Santiago and Ana Tamula (ACC 2020) founded The Museum Collective to provide support to museum educators in the Philippines. To expand their knowledge of museum practices within the region, they embarked on an ACC Fellowship researching historiography and memorialization in Cambodia...

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Asian Cultural Council: Ignite Change

Please consider making a gift to ACC this year. Your gift directly impacts our ability to continue supporting artists who share our belief that cultural exchange is the most powerful vehicle for global connectivity, mutual understanding, and respect...

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