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Perry Yung: A Video Meditation

Musician and shakuhachi craftsman Perry Yung (ACC 2014) shares a video meditation on family and loss. “In these times, he says, “I feel more connected to my art practice…”

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Kuang-Yu Tsui's "Exercise Living: Stay Calm"

Kuang-Yu Tsui's (ACC 2017) work explores the relationship between social media, human behavior, and the urban environment. He filmed “Exercise Living: Stay Calm” during his residency at the Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco...

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Aung Myat Htay: Greetings from Yangon

Artist and independent curator Aung Myat Htay (ACC 2013) shares how he continues his artistic practice, stays creative, and finds inspiration at home in Yangon... 


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Him Sophy: Oh The Unforgettable Year 2020

Him Sophy (ACC 2001, 2015) composed “Oh The Unforgettable Year 2020” in response to the spread of coronavirus... 

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Nobuyuki Sugihara: Where Life is Valued

I am currently in Taiwan on a 6-month ACC grant to research Taiwan's indigenous culture...While the world has declared a state of emergency, I have been able to continue my research and production in Taiwan...

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Molissa Fenley: An Observer Takes "50 Looks"

"Our eyes are observing more, we have found pieces of art in the woods behind the art department. I imagine that these are works that were started by the graduate students and had to be abandoned as the college shut its doors..."


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