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and so, the journey continues

ACC remains unfaltering in the belief that cultural exchange can transcend conflicts and misunderstandings. We are devoted in bridging people through nurturing artistic talents. Tong Shanshan’s fellowship experience in New York is just one of the many examples where connectivity is the most important thing we need right now. 

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A Cultural Adventure Across Continents: New York City, Yogyakarta, and the Silk Road

Chien-Ying Tseng (ACC 2017): As a visual artist with a background in traditional Chinese ink and gouache painting, Tseng bestows the Chinese media with a sense of spirituality, in an attempt to express the different states of human mind in modern society.

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Music, Culture, and Community in Kabul

Ethnomusicologist Michael Lindsey received an ACC Fellowship to research the effects of violence on Afghan musical culture.

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"It's a Good Day to Disobey"

In 2016, Tara Pandeya, dancer and choreographer, received a 1-month ACC Fellowship to research traditional dance in Pakistan.

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