ACC Taiwan Foundation

Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Foundation (hereinafter, ACCTF) supports ACC programs in Taiwan, under the Ministry of Culture. 

In 1995, Taiwan Foundation was established under the chairmanship of Douglas Hsu, along with other art patrons. Since then, ACC and ACCTF have collaborated to provide Taiwan's arts and cultural professionals a platform for international exchange through different fellowship programs.

Our board members are: Douglas Tong Hsu (Chairman), Su-Hwa Yang Chou, Grace Cheung, Chen-Mei Lin, Pao-Lin Hsu, Hsiu-Cheng Shen Tsai, Daniel Chen,Geroge Ho, and Aaron Lee. Our Director is Rita Chang.


ACC Fellowship & Grants

Every year, ACCTF supports 8 to 10 artists/ art professionals, and till this day ACCTF has supported close to 300 grantees. ACC Fellowship Application begins every September (TBC this year due to COVID-19), more information please see below: 

1. Different ACC Fellowship Programs:

2. Application Process and Qualification Standards:

3. Online Application (Register or Sign in):

Taiwan Grantees Detabase

2020 Taiwan Grantee

Chiu, Yihsuan
Contemporary Legend Theatre
Gang-A Tsui Theater Company
Pandemic Response Found
Taiwan Southeast Asia Program
Rahic.Talif & Donald John W. Hatfield
Hao Theater
Horse Theater
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

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