New York

As ACC’s headquarters, we provide artists, scholars, and arts professionals opportunities for transformative cultural exchange in Asia and the United States. Alongside our colleagues in Hong Kong, Manila, Taipei, and Tokyo, we provide programming and funding for Asia-to-U.S., U.S.-to-Asia, and intra-Asia exchanges.

In 1980, the Asian Cultural Council was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization through a $2 million endowment gift, which has enabled more than $100 million in grants to support cultural exchange.

We continue to raise funds for both our grants and programs and towards ACC’s future growth. Amidst the dynamic and exciting arts landscape of New York City, our office serves as an active convener and leader within the field of arts, culture, and philanthropy.


Josie Cruz Natori

Hans Michael Jebsen
Co-Vice Chair

Susan Rockefeller
Co-Vice Chair

John R. Witt

Anne Straton Pierson

Ernest de Leon Escaler

Cai Guo-Qiang

Ben Harburg

Michelle Koo Hayashi

Douglas Hsu

Tonia Hsu

Alice Hung

Julie Ann Kohn

Janet Nathanail

Carol Rattray

Charles Rockefeller

Ruby Shang

Dan Swift

Masako Ushioda

Shannon Wu

Mercedes Zobel

Life Trustees

Wendy O’Neill
Honorary Co-Chair

David Rockefeller, Jr.
Honorary Co-Chair

Hope Aldrich

Colin G. Campbell

Jonathan Fanton

John H. Foster

Kenneth H.C. Fung

Stephen B. Heintz

Richard S. Lanier
President Emeritus

Russell A. Phillips, Jr.

Valerie Rockefeller

Isaac Shapiro

William G. Spears

Yuji Tsutsumi

Artistic Advisory Council

Yael Buencamino

Cai Guo-Qiang
(ACC 1995, 2006)

Chen Kaige
(ACC 1986-1988)

Tiffany Chung
(ACC 2015)

Patrick Flores
(ACC 2009)

Oscar Ho
(ACC 1992)

David Henry Hwang
(ACC 2012)

Jin Xing
(ACC 1988)

Kengo Kuma
(ACC 1985)

Lin Hwai-Min
(ACC 1978-2007)

Barbara London
(ACC 1995, 1997)

Fumihiko Maki
(ACC 1976)

Meredith Monk
(ACC 1997, 2000)

Kohei Nawa
(ACC 2004)

Jan Leeroy New
(ACC 2015)

Viet Thanh Nguyen
(ACC 2010)

Ong Keng Sen
(ACC 1993)

Mallika Sarabhai
(ACC 2002)

Sheu Fang-Yi
(ACC 2006)

Louisa So Yuk Wa
(ACC 2008)

Julie Taymor
(ACC 1980)

Jennifer Tipton
(ACC 2008-2019)

Tran Luong
(ACC 1998, 2008)

Apichatpong Weerasethakul
(ACC 2004)

Robert Wilson
(ACC 1981, 2004)


Judy Kim
Executive Director

Shinnie Kim
Director of Programs

Mohamed Abdelhalim
Director of Finance and Operations

Talia Gonzales
Executive Assistant

Daniel Munier
Program Officer

Betsy Ko
Grants Administrator

Caroline Lim
Marketing and Communications Manager

Natalie May
Development Manager

Cheryl Smith
Senior Accountant

Annual Reporting

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