October 20, 2023 - February 16, 2024

Koichiro Kurita (ACC 1990), influenced by Henry D. Thoreau, has been taking photographs that confront nature for many years. His early series of works, in which he summarized the contact points of the three spheres of "earth, water, and air" that cover the earth with his unique view of the universe, and the "PERCEIBNG /  知視覚" exhibition, inspired by the visual psychology he studied as a student, will be held at the PHOTOKUNST Johanna Breede in Berlin. 

The selection of Kurita’s photographs on exhibition presents nature as the artist sees it in terms of Chi Sui Ki, or terrasphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, and the borders that each of these realms share with one another and all forms of life. The platinum prints, hand-coated on handmade gampi paper, include a rare large platinum print (62cmx77cm), which beautifully depicts the harmony of the natural world.