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April 2020


ACC is proud of our international network of grantees and alumni. If you are a grantee or alumni, we invite you to share your events on our Events Calendar by emailing to learn how to gain access to the calendar. Please note that only events featuring ACC alumni or grantees will be published.

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Cloudscapes: Events+Workshops for Adults - Sound Sculpture Space Sculpture

May 07, 2020

Be prepared to sculpt sound and space through simple group actions. It’ll be fun—we will play inside of game structures that are designed to be negotiated (not executed flawlessly)...

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TINIG Sound Installation

March 25, 2020 - April 07, 2020

Independent curator and university professor (and ACC alumnus) Dayang Yraola with artist Datu Arellano, present their latest sound collaboration conceived last year as visiting artists at the Kyoto University Center for South East Asian Studies...

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Li Xiaofei: Assembly line

March 19, 2020 - April 26, 2020

Assembly Line nennt der chinesische Künstlers Li Xiaofei (*1973) seine Serie von mittlerweile über 200 Videoarbeiten, in der er sich seit 2010 mit der Warenproduktion in seiner Heimat China, aber auch weltweit, befasst. Assembly Line bedeutet auf Deutsch „Fließband“, wörtlich übersetzt...

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