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September 2020


ACC is proud of our international network of grantees and alumni. If you are a grantee or alumni, we invite you to share your events on our Events Calendar by emailing to learn how to gain access to the calendar. Please note that only events featuring ACC alumni or grantees will be published.

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inDialogue: Kit Young, Alex Peh, Ne Myo Aung, Kyaw Kyaw Naing

September 09, 2020 - September 10, 2020

Join ACC on September 9 at 7:00 PM EDT in dialogue with musicians Kit Young, Alex Peh, Ne Myo Aung, and Kyaw Kyaw Naing as they discuss the Gitameit-SUNY Myanmar Spirit Worship Project.

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[PURPLE]: no man is an island

September 08, 2020 - September 11, 2020

Through his piece "Ebb and Flow of Life," Anton del Castillo articulates that "it reminds us that we are all capable of swinging towards a better life – one of royalty, higher consciousness, and spirituality...

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My Browsing History

August 14, 2020

Keywords: Futurology, Fashion, Nature, Narrative, Gesture My Browsing History The artist as collector collects and places thoughts and objects....

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August 13, 2020 - September 13, 2020

View ACC alumna Vibha Galhotra's soundless installation, dedicated to the death of bees around the world, in a group exhibition “Down to Earth.”

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August 01, 2020 - August 31, 2020

Seven multigenerational artists were asked one seemingly simply question— What does the number 16 mean to you? An onset of self-reflexive queries followed on its heels. Over the course of one year, each artist delved into personal and public cultural memory, existentialist queries, divinity, mathematical and creative intuition, and artistic play. (AVS)

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UGNAYAN (Connections) Intensive Dance Classes Online

July 26, 2020 - August 10, 2020

Ea Torrado, Artistic Director of Daloy Dance Company hosts "Ugnayan," the two-week virtual intensive dance classes...

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ACC Japan Online Talk Series #2 “Contemporary Art in the time of Covid-19 “ - Mizuki Endo × Koki Tanaka × Aya Momose”

July 26, 2020

ACC Japan Office is hosting a series of interactive online conversations with ACC Grantees entitled "ACC Cultural Conversations -Series: Thinking About Art in the Time of “The New Normal.” 
The second session, "Contemporary Art in the Time of Covid-19”, starting at 4 p.m.  (JST) on Sunday, July 26, will feature Mizuki Endo (Curator, ACC Grantee 2006), Koki Tanaka (Artist, ACC 2003), and Aya Momose (Artist, ACC2016).

Live Streaming Date&Time: Sunday, July 26, 2020, 4-5 p.m. (JST)

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Chinary Ung Mini Documentary Premiere

July 24, 2020 - July 25, 2020

VOA Khmer hosts premier of mini documentary on the life and work of composer Chinary Ung (ACC 1970-2013) on July 24, 8PM EDT...

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Daily Sucks / 150 Meters of LoveHomePeace-Tsui Kuang-Yu Solo Exhibition

July 14, 2020 - August 22, 2020

Tsui Kuang-Yu’s solo exhibition, Daily Sucks/150 Meters of LoveHomePeace, runs from July 14 to August 22, 2020 at Double Square Gallery. 

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