From femme sensibilities to a queer state of mind, “WOMEN我們: From Her to Here” brings together artistic works that embody feelings and experiences rooted in the non-binary—an awareness, a liminal space, and a source of power to be and be seen.

Between and beyond this exhibition are local and universal expressions of queer and feminist liberation, cultivation, and imaginations. Centered on Asian diasporic perspectives, the exhibition features video and film works, mixed media installation, photography, paintings and publications by artists of diverse gender & sexual identities across the Bay Area, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and more.

This is Chinese Culture Center's (ACC 2019) third iteration of WOMEN我們 (a Mandarin homophone meaning both ‘women’ and ‘we’), an ongoing series which explore feminism, gender diversity, and sexual equality. For this iteration, “We” represents agency and belonging, affirming our need to sustain safe physical and psychological spaces in as a way to nourish queer and feminist creativity and cultural growth. ​Featuring artists, including Luka Yuanyuan Yang (ACC 2017) and her film Coby and Stephen Are in Love.