Landscape on the New Horizon of Sheng: A Tale of Two Cities – An Interactive Multimedia-based Musical for Sheng is a new oeuvre by internationally recognized sheng performer LI Li-Chin (ACC 2021) in collaboration with four composers respectively from Taiwan, China, Argentina, and Australia, visual artist CHIU Chih-Chun, and stage designer CHEN Guan-Lin. Launched in the fall of 2023 at the invitation of C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab, the work is an immersive trip, involving electronic sounds, video projection,
and stage design.

The musical comprises four chapters. P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E. represents recreated alleys of Paris and Taipei and conveys an intertextual contrast of urban culture between these two distant cities. The concept in Fuse is using sheng's microtuning to achieve a specific effect. Vox II is a microscopic introspection and a trip toward simplification through dissecting an instrument into its minimal units. For Chants Pour Cyber Nostalgie, interactions between body motion, musical instrument, and space are reconstructed through acoustic space and programming and coding, luring the audience’s five senses to reconnect with the central idea of A Tale of Two Cities: “so far away yet so approachable.”