Modern and Contemporary Art Evening Sale
Property Sold for the Benefit of the Asian Cultural Council

Preview venue:   Pedder Building, Central
Sale venue:         Christie’s Hong Kong, 22/F Alexandra House, Central
Preview date:      July 4-10, 2020
Sale time:            July 10, 2020, 6:30 PM HKT (6:30 AM ET)


On behalf of the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) and our global Boards of Trustees, we are delighted to partner with Christie’s for this special auction in support of ACC’s mission to advance international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange.

We believe strongly that cultural exchange can transform the world, and that the arts—as a universal means to express the values, attitudes, and concerns of cultures—are uniquely positioned to advance cross-cultural understanding. Since 1963, ACC has supported 6,000 exchanges of artists, scholars, and arts professionals across Asia and the United States representing a diverse range of artistic disciplines. This expansive network of alumni and colleagues are a testament to how an immersive experience in another culture has significant impact on an individual’s worldview, as well as a ripple effect on communities worldwide.

We are incredibly moved by the outstanding generosity of ACC alumni, Cai Guo-Qiang (ACC 1995) and Liu Wei (ACC 2011), and ACC supporter Zhang Huan, who have donated works in support of the Asian Cultural Council. These exceptional artists are pioneers in both the fields of art and cultural exchange—transcending national borders and pushing artistic boundaries through innovative materials, processes, concepts, and collaborations. These beautiful works available for sale at Christie’s Hong Kong’s Afternoon Auction highlight each artist’s unique, trailblazing methods. Cai Guo-Qiang’s Peony and Dahlia No. 2 showcases his characteristic gunpowder drawing; Zhang Huan’s Horse No. 2 layers soft, ephemeral strokes of incense ash; and Liu Wei’s East blends vibrant oil on canvas. That each of these individuals represent such diverse processes mirrors the works of ACC itself—we are interdisciplinary, global, process-oriented, and champion the power of the individual to build meaningful connections and effect positive change in our complex world.

Once again, we extend our gratitude to Cai Guo-Qiang, Liu Wei, Zhang Huan, Christie’s, and ACC supporters around the globe. Proceeds from this special auction will enable cultural exchange opportunities for the next generation of artists and scholars towards ensuring a more harmonious and peaceful world.


Miho Walsh
Executive Director


Wendy O'Neill