Known for her exceptional fiber art large-scale installations, engaging audience interaction and public performances, Aze Ong collaborates with  Modeka Art in her latest solo exhibition unveiling combined creations of fiber art and ceramic.

Curator Stephanie Frondoso expounds on this special show by Aze Ong, “Grounded this past year due to the pandemic, she found an opportune time to learn the additional skill of ceramic making. She often uses her art process as a vehicle for coping, healing and acquiring a better understanding of self.”

She adds, “Like her fiber work, her ceramics took forms from nature: plants, corals, rocks, seeds and cocoons. In many ways, these works contemplate on the complexity of nature and its uncontrollable cycles, moving with the ebb of time, acknowledging mutual respect… and that divine surrender lifts up our spirits because our life flows with the universe.”

Photo by Dani of Modeka Art