Sunday August 27, 2023

Since 2021, the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac has joined forces with the Royaumont Foundation to launch a new Academy aimed at bringing together traditional masters, "passers" and young musicians, composers, improvisers, singers from all walks of life.

Keyvan Chemirani (France / Iran) Iranian Zarb, santour, percussion
Efrén López (Spain) Hurdy-gurdy, Afghan rubab, Turkish saz, Cretan lauto, medieval lute
Aspa Anogiati (Greece) Lyra from Constantinople and Lyra with sympathetic strings
Bastian Duncker (Germany ) Iranian Ney, saxophone, clarinet
Louis Carrere (France) Flute
Sara Maria Fantini (Italy) Guiterne, oud
Hamid Gribi (France) Percussion, voice, n'goni
Colin Heller (France) Nyckelharpa, baritone violin, viola d'amore, mandolin
Li-Chin LI (ACC 2022; Taiwan) Sheng
Ehsan Sharei (Iran) Setâr
Daphné Souvatzi (Greece) Voice
Lydie Thonnard (Belgium) Flute

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